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Bien Fait given the place of honor at the museum of wallpaper

Bien Fait

As of June 11, the wallpaper museum of Rixheim, in Alsace, is giving modern French wallpaper pride of place. It is, therefore, quite natural that Bien Fait should be there!

In 1983, this building, which is steeped in history (a cavalry commandery in the 18th century and then a printing works for panoramic decors) became home to a unique museum retracing the history of this craft. Huge landscapes printed on plates are the local specialty in Rixheim.

With this in mind, we chose to present Palermo, an exotic panoramic photo with a blurred effect, reminiscent of a holiday memory. A way of coming full circle with a modern interpretation of this theme.

Palermo will then become part of the museum’s permanent collection.