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Bien Fait is deeply convinced that Art, Culture, Poetry and the Beautiful are essential to each one of us.

With panoramic decors and bold pattern stances, our  young french brand is able to develop a truly singular realm and occupies today a solid ground  in the decorating world.

Unexpected collaborations with diverse backgrounds artists,  (architectes, illustrators, painters…)

authentic savoir-faire and techniques (pastels, gouache, photo, antique sketching, graphic design, coloured pencils…) are the ingredients carefully chosen to create our collection.



By conviction, Bien Fait has been steadily developing a conscious brand, voluntarily at a much slower pace.

No frenetic race, no fast deco here.

No waste either: we don’t overpack, nor do we over produce or hold any stock. 

Our impact on Humans and our environment is at the heart of how we make things: Less of them and carefully.

We’ve selected eco-designed and locally produced papers and canvases, with zero PVC or COV, and safe for the air we breath in.

Those materials have been chosen for their quality and elegant aspect and also for their impeccable environmental performances: recyclable, water based inks, to offer the safest experience for your home and our Home.



Our custom fit service is a truly unique way to adapt some of our panoramic decor to any walls.

Our design studio is able to work on the position of the motifs  and move them around to create a bespoke decor for each project, each customer. 

A service especially loved by architects and interior designers but available to everyone nonetheless.