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Bespoke and ready-to-hang wall decors - made in France
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Bien Fait


“Bien Fait” means “well made” in French. It is also the name of a small French design company that boasts real artisan expertise and has a taste for very, very well made things.

Bien Fait is shaking up the world of wallpaper with a subtle blend of multicolored shapes, mysterious patterns, and childhood memories.

Bien Fait draws on Scandinavian and Japanese influences, finding inspiration in travel and encounters, combining ethnic and folk cultures with graphic design.

Bien Fait offers a bespoke service in order to adapt the design to any type of room, and match decorators’ vision and demands.

Bien Fait uses French-made, non-woven wallpaper, made with a mix of paper and polyester fibers that give it a mat effect with a soft and velvety feel. Easy to hang, it is also washable and easy to clean.

The choice of French-made wall coverings is also about reviving the tradition of French wallpaper. A long history that Bien Fait draws inspiration from, combining traditional patterns with contemporary design.