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Le Bon Marché chooses Cloudy

Bien Fait is delighted to have been chosen to decorate the changing rooms of the women’s section on the first floor of this famous Parisian department store.

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Opening of the Showroom on rue Saint Paul

With a choice location in Saint Paul village, Bien Fait boasts a spacious 70 m2 showroom that opens onto…

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A+A Cooren

Meeting with A+A Cooren

A+A Cooren is a Paris-based Franco-Japanese design studio founded by husband and wife duo Arnaud and Aki Cooren in 1999…

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Typologie by Clémentine Dupré

Bien Fait has chosen to collaborate with the ceramist Clémentine Dupré.
The “Typologie” mural works collection, exclusively exhibited at the Bien Fait showroom…

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Bien Fait given the place of honor at the museum of wallpaper

As of June 11, the wallpaper museum of Rixheim, in Alsace, is giving modern French wallpaper pride of place. It…

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Collaboration with Béatrice Alemagna

Beautiful stories are often written in several chapters. The relationship with Beatrice Alemagna started in 2011…

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Actu Carlton

Carlton: New for 2015 with a Memphis vibe

Floating and swirling around. A fun and chaotic design. This new Carlton design, available in several colors…

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Minakani Lab / Bien Fait, the story of Bien Fait wallpaper

Everything started in 2005, with Minakani, a textile design studio founded by Cécile Figuette and Frédéric Bonnin in Paris. They…

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