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Collaboration with Béatrice Alemagna

Bien Fait

Beautiful stories are often written in several chapters. The relationship with Beatrice Alemagna started in 2011, when this talented Italian designer contacted Minakani Lab. Beatrice is well known in literary illustration circles, but her talent doesn’t stop there. What few people know is that she also designs objects, dolls, boxes, plates, carpets, and toys. Her appetite for creation is insatiable… and she loves wallpaper as a medium of expression.

Back then, a collaboration wasn’t really on the cards and, even if Cécile was already a big fan of her work, the two artists left it there.

When Bien Fait was launched, however, discussions resumed. On the one hand, there is Beatrice’s dreamlike world; her unique, simple and energetic drawing style; her strange and moving cuts; and on the other hand, there is Cécile’s passion for illustration and her perception of mural decoration. This association gave rise to unique wallpaper designs: Three cuddly and awkward animals that will fill your children with wonder.