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A+A Cooren

A+A Cooren is a Paris-based Franco-Japanese design studio founded by husband and wife duo Arnaud and Aki Cooren in 1999. A+A Cooren designs lighting, which is its specialty, as well as products, furniture, and interior design.

With its sober and poetic style, and distinctly Japanese and Nordic influences, the studio aims to use subtle references to nature in every project it undertakes, whether it be for everyday objects or interior design.

A+A Cooren designs both industrial objects and works of artisanship, with a philosophy based on the constant search for manufacturing simplicity and ease of use for the end user. For A+A Cooren, the creation of a good product involves intelligent teamwork between the manufacturer or the artisan and the designers, backed up by exacting standards of work.

Their creations are produced by Artemide, CFOC, Habitat, Metalarte, La Redoute, Tronconi, Vertigo Bird, and Yamagiwa, to name just a few. They designed Shiseido Europe’s Parisian showroom (2002), L’Oréal’s Center for hair research in Saint Ouen (2011), and the renovation of the Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique Museum in Paris (2013).

Some of their pieces are part of the City of Paris’s National Modern Art Fund and Municipal Modern Art Fund collection, and are exhibited in several cities around the world.