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Bespoke and ready-to-hang wall decors - made in France
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Minakani Lab / Bien Fait, the story of Bien Fait wallpaper

Bien Fait

Everything started in 2005, with Minakani, a textile design studio founded by Cécile Figuette and Frédéric Bonnin in Paris.

They worked for the fashion, home, and accessories industries; for French and international companies with prestigious and mainstream brands from Longchamp, Vuitton, and Lelièvre to H&M, Monoprix, and BHV.

Their demanding customers were looking for original designs and found a certain freshness, poetry, and originality in Minakani’s collections.

Unable to find the wallpaper designs they were looking for, their cutting-edge vision for decoration led them to launch MINAKANI LAB in 2009.

The two designers developed a style with a wealth of references – in which observers can project themselves, daydream and fall into introspection – as well as offering a new, more liberated esthetic.

It was MINAKANI LAB that created the MOSAIC and MODULAR designs, among others, and now BIEN FAIT is developing, adding to, and breathing new life into French wallpaper.