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Opening of the Showroom on rue Saint Paul

Bien Fait

With a choice location in Saint Paul village, Bien Fait boasts a spacious 70 m2 showroom that opens onto the street and a courtyard, making a striking contrast with its neighbors.

When Cécile Figuette went to see A+A Cooren about her project, it seemed only natural to them to present wallpaper in situation.

The showroom is designed with this guiding principle in mind: every wall is papered; every surface is utilized. This way, the patterns can express their full potential and everyone can appreciate their impact.

As soon as you arrive at the shop front, which is completely plastered with wallpaper, you understand the strength of Bien Fait’s designs. The tone is set for a panoramic vision and total immersion.


Inside, soft colors and smooth, neutral materials (ash plywood and concrete) highlight the multicolored walls.

The long work surface, inspired by old-fashioned wallpapering tables, is the link between the showroom and the office.

In order for customers to project themselves into the collection’s oversized patterns, a unique process was developed: the designs are also all presented using a system of rolls, like a photography studio decor, to simulate a wallpapered surface.

Bien Fait has chosen to manufacture Sunset, a design created by A+A Cooren for La Manufacture de Sèvres, available in two lively colors.