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Typologie by Clémentine Dupré

Bien Fait

Bien Fait has chosen to collaborate with the ceramist Clémentine Dupré.

The “Typologie” mural works collection, exclusively exhibited at the Bien Fait showroom, is the result of an artistic approach, and the expression of a sensitivity to architecture and its changing state from the first sketch to the creation of volume.

Each piece, like a 3D pattern, is a unique, hand-made creation with particular attention paid to the quality of stoneware and enamel used, as well as the dynamics of the works and the spontaneity of their creation.

For Clémentine, wallpaper is lexicon that turns a wall – the metaphorical blank page – into a story, a personal narrative that everyone can glean from a room. It is to art what a perfume is to the body: an intimate clue to its personality, subtly left to the observer.


“Typologies” appears on the SUNSET wallpaper, designed by A+A Cooren, and the relationship between surface and volume makes for a pleasant visual dialogue.